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    Are the values you had as a 19 year old, the same values you have today?
    Or have they evolved?

    The past year has made many question what exactly they want in life. If that seems a bit ambiguous to you, or if you’re looking for more clarity as to you next step on this path … start by defining your values.

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    When’s the last time you did something just for your soul? Or just for your mind?

    Strengthening each of these, as individual parts of ourselves, creates an improved mind-body-soul connection, which in turn, makes us feel more harmonious, more “whole”, and more fully ourselves. View Post
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    How long can you go without checking your phone? Are you happy with that?  

     The average person checks their devices every 6 minutes. 

    Distraction is one of the biggest factors that leads to feeling unfulfilled.

    We check our phones because we are looking for a way to feel happy — a text, an email, a connection to the outside world. But, each time we look at our phones, we get distracted 

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    To my lonely / exhausted friends;
    Last year, I posted about my struggles with burnout and self-love. I ended the year feeling more alone and broken than ever. After that post, many of you reached out and shared similar stories with me.

    So… I’m trying something new. View Post

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