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Pro Tip # 1: TUTORIAL- 3 Ways to Fold Your Pocket Square


Welcome to #ProTips!, a weekly guide full of hacks, tips and tutorials to get the most out of your wardrobe and lifestyle products. 

 PRO TIP # 1

When it comes to folding your pocket squares, anything is game. There are folds that are as intricate as origami and others that are just one step. One of the most common folds- the puff fold - is literally just a pocket square jammed in the breast pocket.  As appealing as that sounds, here are 3 step-by-step videos to show easy and versatile pocket square folds that every man should have in their arsenal. 


The 'Classic Fold' 

Otherwise known as the 'presidential fold ', Every man should know this one. It goes with any pocket square, in any suit for any occasion. 

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 The 'Crown Fold'

Another versatile fold that says 'I have style' while still maintaining both a classic and professional appearance. Best used with a medium weight fabric. 

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The 'Winged Puff Fold' 

The most formal of these three folds, this pocket square looks best tucked in one of your nicer suit jackets, but isn't above being paired with a nice blazer and denim. 

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