Kyanite + White Jade Stretch Bracelet


This bracelet is embedded with balance. 
Kyanite’s powerful energy helps restore harmony to our energetic systems while White Jade acts as a filter; cleansing out the noise to help us restore authenticity and calm. 

White Jade: A stone that acts to purify our energy by filtering out the noise and falsehoods of daily life; allowing us to hone in on out truth. 
Kyanite: A stone of balance and calm. Kyantie is formed of parallel crystalline layers, resulting in a powerfully aligned energetic field that helps realign all energies it comes in contact with.
Blackwood: Long considered a bridge between the physical and spiritual world though a history of ritualistic use. 


  • 8mm Natural Gemstone & Wood Beads
  • Available in 3 sizes; 6.5” , 7”, 8”
  • Size:  S  [ 6.5" ] shown  
  • Braided Stretch Cord
  • Designed & handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY
  • Thoughtfully Packaged in Kraft Gift Box
Also Available in 108 bead Mala 


    Looking for a special size? Want something a little different? Custom options are available! Contact us


    A note about sizing: 

    All measurements are of INNER DIAMETER;
    Mala & Bracelets are designed with a strong and comfortable braided stretch cord, which offers quite a bit of ease while retaining strength. 

    Still not  sure which size is for you? 
    When in doubt, size up or contact us- Happy to accommodate custom sizing. 

    • $ 36.00