"Ivory Cypress" Lavender Eye Pillow | Plant Dyed

This lavender eye pillow is uniquely designed to support your journey of self-care, meditation and mindfulness. 
Take a moment to yourself, inhale slowly, and allow the gentle layers of botanically dyed silk to rest over your eye as a gentle cloud of lavender surrounds you. You deserve this. 


This  Silk Charmeuse eye pillow has been hand-dyed in an ancient, ALL NATURAL method using only the bark and tips of a Blue Cypress tree, growing in my garden to create a brilliant golden-ivory color. Free from all synthetics, toxins or irritants commonly found in commercially dyed fabrics. 

Inside the self-sealing silk  pouch, you will find a pillow containing a special ratio of lavender and flax. 
Specially designed, each pillow has contains a carefully calculated ratio of flax seeds and French Lavender buds to provide the ideal level of comfort without being too stiff or too limp over the eyes. 

This eye pillow is WASHABLE! Remove the inner lavender/flax pouch from he silk shell and wash on cold / delicate cycle with similar colors. 
For best results, hand wash using PH Neutral soap.  Air Dry Flat. 
*Lavender and flax pillow is not washable! *

On a heat-safe dish, microwave your eye pillow in 7 second intervals until desired temperature has been reached. To avoid hot spots, turn and flip your eye pillow frequently. TRY COLD! place your eye pillow in the freezer for 20 minutes to enjoy a cooling comfort on a hot day.

MINDFULLY Designed, Every detail from the size, to the weight, to how care for your eye pillow has been carefully thought over to create the ideal eye pillow to aid you on your journey to self care, relaxation and mindfulness. 

  • Botanically dyed ( all Natural method )
  • 100% Silk Charmeuse ( outer shell )
  • 100% Cotton ( inner pillow )
  • French Lavender Buds / Whole Flax Seed
  • Washable / Heatable
  • Free form all synthetic dyed and chemicals
  • measures: 10.5” x 4.5” 
  • Hand-Dyed & Sewn in Rhode Island
  • $ 38.00