Lava + Moss Gemstone Mala


An intensely energized combination of lava stone and and moss agate help to calm any anxious energy and reclaim balance to emotions.  These mala are made in the traditional 108 bead design, assisting in your daily meditation.  


  • Lava Stone ( Basalt ):
Known for it’s grounding properties. The product of raw energy ( lava ), these stones are a symbol of rebirth, shedding unneeded energy. Once give to warriors to calm in battle. 


  • Moss Agate:
“ The Warriors Stone “  Helps to ground unstable energy, connect with nature ( great for gardeners ) , ease stress and balance emotions. 


  • Smoky Quartz:

“ The Power Stone “ One of the best stones for grounding and protecting energy from daily chaos. Helps to discharge anxiety & negative thoughts. 


  • Genuine, Natural Gemstones ( 6mm )
  • Tibetan Silver accent
  • Stretch Cord
  • Approx 26” Inner Diameter 
  • Fits comfortable wrapped 3-4 ties around wrist
  • Thoughtfully Packaged in Kraft Gift Box
      • $ 58.00