MIZU non profit partnership

Photo courtesy Big City Mountaineers 


Donating Profits for Equal Outdoor Access


A portion of all sales are donated to Big City Mountaineers, a non-profit dedicated to providing equal access to outdoor spaces for youth of diverse backgrounds, income and situations.  


Since our start in 2012, MIZU’s mission has always been one of kindness — finding ways to improve people’s lives through the work we create. However, we want to do more to create an impactful change for both the planet and our communities. We've now partnered with Big City Mountaineers, on an ongoing basis, to aid in providing safe and accessible outdoor trips for disinvested youth around the country, building leadership skills and sharing of the beauty of nature. 


“ Big City Mountaineers breaks down barriers to outdoor access for students from disinvested communities. By providing free, fully-outfitted, and professionally-led backcountry trips, we’re able to give young people ages 8-18 the opportunity to connect with nature and reconnect with their strengths, skills, and resilience. We partner closely with youth development agencies to build relationships with students and ensure that BCM programs are both culturally relevant and supportive of agency initiatives “. 

- A quote from the Big City Mountaineers 



Why BCM?


As an all-natural company, MIZU strives to live and work in harmony with the earth. Fundamentally, it’s our belief that if we want to insight the changes needed to continue healing and living in harmony with this planet, we need to help educate and expose as much of our youth to the wonders of the outdoors, especially in the digital age.

In partnership with BCM, we aim to help students foster new relationships with nature, through exposing youth who might not otherwise have a chance to visit the mountains, to just how precious and diverse the natural world is — and why we need to preserve it.


In addition to financial donations, we are volunteering our time as well. 

We are dedicating our time and knowledge as volunteers with our local BCM chapter to help students navigate exploratory treks through the mountains of New England.


To learn more of Big City Mountaineers, please visit their website.