FLORAL DELUSION All-Natural Parfum - Sample

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MIZU x ROSE ROAD Collaboration
Limited Edition

Summer Winds   /   Wild Rose   /   Clean Petrichor 

A thousand petals... shape-shifting into silhouettes...of cloudless rain


Key Notes:

Top:  Shiso Leaf, Cannabis, Grapefruit
Heart:  Rose Absolute, Cassie Flower, 
Base:  Australian Sandalwood, Frankincense, Petrichor Accord* 

* “Accords” are our own 100% Natural blends, designed to evoke the rich, indescribable aroma of earth after rain. We do not use any synthetic molecules, isolates, or additives 

Due to the intimate nature of perfumes, all sales are final.
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1 Minute:
A gust of emerald leaves and scattered petals; kissed with a veil of sweet citrus.

1 Hour:
Rose / Green / Sweet-Woody
A wild rose emerges from the softness of forest florals, blooming on the skin for hours

4 Hours:
A long-lingering base of refreshing petrichor and sweet woods, elevates mind and spirit.

Designed by MIZU in partnership with ROSE ROAD, our Japanese friend and supplier of one of the highest quality rose oils we’ve ever experienced.

This genderless fragrance is inspired by the Japanese folktale, “Kitsune Wedding”, a story of curiosity, shape-shifting foxes and seeing the unseen.

Meet our collaborator

Organic Cane Alcohol, 100% Natural Fragrance ( essential oils, absolutes, co2 extracts, tinctures )

* This product is 100% Natural and made of over 80% USDA Certified Organic Materials


MIZU perfumes are 100% Natural, handcrafted from organic, wildcrafted, and sustainably harvested botanical materials.

+ Sample: 2ml atomizer vial ( Approx. 7-10 wears )
+ All-Genders
+ French Glass
+ FSC Certified Paper Packaging
+ 100% Natural & Sustainable-Source Ingredients

Made with love, In Rhode Island


A Special Collaboration

 I met Miyoko through Instagram, during the height of the pandemic. We became fast friends and bonded over a love of natural materials and wonders they hold. Together we've partnered on this special project, a perfume using her exquisite Rose oils, inspired by Japanese Folklore, and designed by MIZU. We call this; FLORAL DELUSION


100% Natrual

For all

For All-Genders,

For all skin.

We believe in the power of authenticiy, and our formulas are designed to reflect that. Through thoughtfully balanced botanical fragrances that wear WITH your skin, instead of covering up your truth.

Wear what you love.