Ginger Lily Essential Oil Candle- LIMITED

  • $ 30.00


Limited Edition : Spring 2020

Like a breath of fresh spring air.
Notes of mouthwatering Ginger, married with a heart of fresh Florals and citrus, creating a transcendent aroma of awakening…. like the sweet, crisp air of April afternoons.

Key Notes of:

Fresh Ginger  /  Geranium  /  Petitgrain  / Lavender

This candle is 100% Natural and allergy friendly,
Creating a unique, gentle fragrance that lingers lightly in the air without overpowering the senses.

  • 8 oz  /  45 Hr burn time.
  • Frosted Glass Vessel, Aluminum Lid.
  • 100% Natural ;  Pure Soy + Essential Oils

LIMITED EDITION / Single Small batch Produced.