Japanese Indigo Blossom | Custom Candle

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  • Handcrafted Japanese Ceramic for custom candle thumbnail
  • Made in Japan, vintage custom candle

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Handcrafted in Japan, these ceramic vessels feature hand painted flowers in a rich indigo blue. Once burned, these can be cleaned and re-used as a teacup.

  • Approx 6 oz / ~ 29 HR Burn Time 
  • All Cotton Wick
  • Handcrafted Japanese Ceramic Vessel, Vintage
  • Only 6 units made. Due to vintage status, not all will come with 'Made in Japan' insignia on bottom. 
  • Your Choice of Fragrance ( more information below )



      Select from any of the fragrances available to create a one-of-a-kind candle, completely unique to you.

      All custom candles ship within 7 business days and are a nonrefundable Final Sale.



      Palo Santo : Mysterious and Calming.
      * Customer Favorite *
      The unique scent of Palo Santo wood, enriched with smokey vetiver, cinnamon leaf and a touch of Madagascar Vanilla.
      Scented exclusively with essential oils.

      Juniper + Sage : Crisp and woody
      Notes juniper berry blend with the floral-earthy oils of Clary sage and cool spearmint to create a scent inspired by Iceland’s rare forests.
      Scented exclusively with essential oils.

      Fig + Olive : Warm and Sunny
      Notes of sun kissed figs, ripe olives and a touch of patchouli evoke a sense of a gentle Mediterranean breeze.

      Mountain Bamboo : Fresh and cool
      The calming fragrance lavender essential oils, ease into softened notes bamboo and green tea.

      Oakmoss + Cedar : Earthy and Sweet
      Woody oils of Oakmoss and Himalayan Cedarwood find deepen with the perfect balance of musk and vanilla, reminiscent of mid-autumn hikes.

      Lemongrass + Jasmine : Bright and Uplifting
      Essential oils of lemongrass blended with midnight jasmine and rose bring the perfect balance of mental alertness and calm.

      Blackberry + Pine : Woody and unique 
      Like walking through pine forests in the heat of summer, this fragrance combines the rich notes of pine, sweetened with freshly ripened blackberries & musk.

      Gardenia and Peony : Dewy Floral
      Notes of Gardenia, Peony and Rose create a cool, watery floral fragrance inspired by early morning strolls through dewy spring gardens.

      Tangerine + Cypress : Sophisticated and Citrusy
      Bright top notes of clary sage and tangerine find softness with subtle notes of French cypress bark & lily of the valley flowers.

      RITUAL Collection:

      Black Tourmaline / Root Chakra
      Deep, earthy and Bold. With dominant notes of Vetiver, Birch Tar, sweet Peru Balsam and Silver Fir.
      - Infused with Black Tourmaline Crystals.
      Scented exclusively with essential oils.

      Tiger Iron / Sacral Chakra
      Warm, Woody and Inspired.
      Dominant notes of Sandalwood, Cedar, Cassia and Blood Orange create an inspiring aura.
      - Infused with Tiger Iron Crystal
      Scented exclusively with essential oils.

      Baltic Amber / Solar Plexus Chakra
      Dominant notes of Patchouli, Basil, Clove and Japanese Mint create an invigorating energy.
      - Infused with Baltic Amber
      Scented exclusively with essential oils.

      Rose Quartz / Heart Chakra
      Dominant notes of Himalayan Cedar, Bulgarian Rose and Clementine bring a gentle breeze of comfort.
      - Infused with Rose Quartz
      Scented exclusively with essential oils.

      Sodalite / Throat Chakra
      Dominant notes of Blue Chamomile, Cypress, Ylang Ylang and Sweet Marjoram bring a sense of ease and freedom.
      - Infused with Sodalite
      Scented exclusively with essential oils.

      Amethyst / Third Eye Chakra
      Dominant notes of Pink Lotus, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage and Thyme create an awakened space of authenticity.
      - Infused with Amethyst
      Scented exclusively with essential oils.

      Moonstone / Crown Chakra
      Notes of Japanese Yuzu, Jasmine and Frankincense bring a bright openness to you energy and surroundings.
      -Infused with Moonstone
      Scented exclusively with essential oils.

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