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Japanese Silk Eye Mask in Indigo Stripe

  • $ 42.00
100% Natural. All-Genders.
For those moments when you need a bit a peace and calm. Our Carefully Crafted eye masks offer a luxurious escape from the stress of life. Use for this Eye Mask for Travel, Sleep or Mediation.

Handcrafted from a vintage Japanese Silk Stripe  and lined with an ultra soft navy blue; this eye mask is woven from a bit of history. Using traditional Japanese fabrics and transforming them with modern-day finishes and a minimalist style.

  • 100% Silk: 
  • Vintage Japanese Silk ( Stripe- Front )
  • Silk Crepe de Chine ( Navy Blue - back ) 
  • Silk ( Navy - elastic lining ) 
  • 100% Natural, Cotton Inner Lining
  • Elastic Strap Back:  11” -  20.75” 
  • Mask Measures:    8.25” L  x   3” T
  •  Made in USA of vintage silks

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    What makes our sleep masks so special? 
    Only the highest quality silks & cottons are selected because what you put on your face matters. 
    Designs featuring hand-dyed, vintage [ un-used ] Japanese silks means you’re not only purchasing a product with a story & history, but you’re purchasing a piece art that is 100% yours. Made in small batches, no two masks will ever be the same - and once they’re sold out, they’re gone for good. 
    but what really matters is on the inside; 
    They’re sewn with dual layers of brushed cotton, giving them the perfect, breathable weight that readily conforms to your face and blocks out all light. 
    Notes on sizing : 
    Our sleep masks are specially designed with a ultra-soft elastic that is cut to fit almost any head shape without too much tension or slack. Looking for something in a special size? Contact us

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