Mood Mist Discovery Set - Choose 3 Fragrances

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All Natural Botanical fragrances Mists, specially designed to uplift your mood and shift your mindset into positive energy. 
Select any 3 of my top selling fragrances  in mini-size & discover which fragrance suits your mood. 

  • 7 ml glass vial x 3 
  • packed in a recycled kraft box.

MIZU brand fragrances are blended of 
100% Natural,  Sustainably-Harvested  Botanical Ingredients. 

Black Tourmaline - GROUNDING    [ Black Birch, Cedar Leaf, Vetiver ] 
Tiger Iron - CREATIVITY     [ Sandalwood, Cassia, Blood Orange ] 
Baltic Amber - VITALITY     [ Patchouli, Clove, Japanese Mint ]
Rose Quartz - SELF LOVE     [ Rose, Himalayan Cedar, Clementine ]
Lapis - CALMING     [ Blue Chamomile, Cypress, Ylang ] 
Amethyst - FOCUS     [ Bergamot, Lotus, White Thyme ]
Moonstone - MANIFEST     [ Night Jasmine, Frankincense Yuzu Citrus ] 

100% NATURAL Essential Oil Fragrances for Sprit & Home.

Directions: Shake Well.
Spray upwards to refresh spirit & Atmosphere. 

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100% Natural

Crafted from nature, our fragrances are made from simple, trusted igredients; Pure essential oils, botanical extracts and organic carriers. 

This creates a gentle, peaceful aroma to reconnects us with the beauty of the nature. 


Our perfumes are free from:

  • All synthetic aroma-chemicals
  • natural / synthetic Isolates
  • synthetic phthalates and parabens

For All Genders

For all skin. 

We believe in the power of authenticiy, and our formulas are designed to reflect that. Through thoughtfully balanced botanical fragrances that wear WITH your skin, instead of covering up your truth. 

Wear what you love.