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Select 3 - Botanical Eau de Parfum Spray Discovery Set

  • $ 42.00
100% Natural. All-Genders.


Select your choice of any 3 of our 100% Natural eau de parfum spray in 2-ml trial sizes.

  • Each 2ml vial is enough for approx. 7-10 wears
  • Includes paper blotters for scent exploration
  • 100% Natural, Unisex

Our Fragrances

Palo Santo
Ethereal   /   Sweet   /   Wood
Plumes of sweet smoke, rising from ethereal woods into the calm open sky.

Wild Vetiver
Fresh   /   Light   /   Earth
The aroma of a windswept meadow…Tall, golden grasses swaying in the cool, fresh air.  

White Floral   /   Citrus   /   Soft Woods
Sweet, fresh blossoms of Jasmine & violet, wander through a grove of creamy woods and emerald citrus. 

Spice   /   Dry Floral   /   Leather
Wild citrus and dusty spice unfold into a harmony of Victorian florals, and the depth of aged patchouli and rare fossilized amber resins.

Aged Cedar   /   Forest Floral   /   Incense 
Ghosts of incense, tattooed on wooden walls, lost within the blooming forest. 




  • Sample: 2ml atomizer vial ( x 3 ) 
  • 100% Natural, sustainable-source ingredients. 
  • Measures approx.: 3.5” x 1.75" x.5”
  • Made with love, In Rhode Island


Ingredients: Organic Cane Alcohol, 100% Natural Botanical Fragrance (  Sustainably-harvested essential oils, absolutes, CO2 Extracts, Tinctures )


Please note: this item ships via Ground and is only available within North America.

Due to the intimate nature of perfumes, all sales are final.
Natural fragrances layer with your individual body chemistry and can smell unique to each person. We suggest you purchase a sample vial before a full purchase.

Frequently asked questions

Are botanical perfumes right for you?

Unlike most synthetic perfumes, the world of Botanical fragrances hold unparalleled depth and a host of therapeutic benefits.
We like to think of our work as a bridge between Aromatherapy and elevated Fine Fragrance.

Will they work for your lifestyle? We've made a guide for you here.

Our Perfume Oils are based in Organic Jojoba Oil, while our sprayable Eau de Parfum are based in an Organic Cane Alcohol.
Their fragrances are the same, however, there are subtle differences in how they will wear.

Want to know what's right for you?

Read our guide here or Contact Us with any questions


We ship all products to most countries around the world, with the exception of all Eau de Parfum sprays. Because these are based in organic alcohol they are considered unsuitable for transport overseas.

If you are located outside of the US, please consider our Perfume Oils.

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Whether it's for team gifting, a corporate event or your owne special day -- We love working with clients to create something unique and tailored to your specifications.

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