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"A brand of natural perfume that is revolutionizing the genre. " - Vogue

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Restorative Woods Bath Salt

Detoxifying + Adrenal Support

Come take a soothing soak in the ancient forests. With notes of Black Spruce and Hinoki.

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Customer Love

  • " One one my favorite scents. It's become a daily wear for me. "

    Alyahsa M.

  • " This candle is absolutely amazing and the smell is out of this world! Not a fake overbearing one but strong enough to make an enjoyable ambiance. "

    Paula S.

  • "I am a repeat customer, these are wonderful candles with long lasting aromas. Highly recommend! "

    Sallie S.

  • "After trying the sample I was hooked. It took me so long to find the perfect palo santo perfume and this is amazing. Please don't ever stop making this! "

    Tamara H.

  • " Beautiful candle! Smells just like the High Desert in Oregon. "

    Eileen M.

  • " So much to love about this product from how well it works to have wonderful it smells! I’m never disappointed when I order from Mason...I love his fragrances! "

    Melissa G.

  • " I absolutely love these candles and order regularly! Seller is incredible and always goes above and beyond. "

    Stacy Q.

Sustainability Index

Our perfumes are made from plants; and we care about how they are grown and harvested.
Explore our Sustainability Index to learn more about our farm partnerships, materials and how we use them.