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"A brand of natural perfume that is revolutionizing the genre. " - Vogue

Palo Santo Perfume Oil, Refillable Flacon

  • $ 138.00
100% Natural. All-Genders.

Palo Santo Perfume Oil  - Refillable Falcon


Our bestselling fragrance, now packaged in our largest 30ml refillable size. 


In an effort to further our commitment to sustainability, we are offering our bestselling fragrance, in a 30ml refillable option.  
Bottled in a handcrafted French glass flacon, each Perfume features a glass-stopper, for an elevated ritual experience of applying your favorite fragrance. 


Japanese Silk Packaging

⊱ Clear-glass flacon are packaged in a keepsake Japanese Silk Pouch, hand sewn of repurposed Kimono silks. 


Our Amber Refill Bottles are packaged in recyclable glass, and include a metal funnel to make the refilling process easy and clean.
When complete, wash and reuse your funnels as desired. Alternatively, you may send back your empty bottle and we will refill for you. Please send us an email [ ], if interested.  

  • Application Method: Perfume Dabber
  • 30ml / 1 fl oz
  • 100% Natural. All Genders. 
  • Perfume Oil
  • Perfume Refills Sold Separately


USDA-Organic Raw Jojoba Oil, Sustainable-Harvest Palo Santo, Essential Oils. 

How to Refill

Refilling tips for Perfume Oils 

Hold the Tunnel while pouring. 

This helps with airflow and prevents potential overspills. 

Pour with Intention

Our organic perfume oils come out quickly; pouring too slowly may cause oils to leak down the bottle. ( Tip: aim for the center of the funnel ) 

Have a washcloth nearby

Loosing a few drips is normal - but don’t worry, we overfill these bottles to compensate. 


About Our Palo Santo 

Our Palo Santo 

Native to Central and South America, the Palo Santo Tree (  Bursera graveolens )  can be found growing wild among the dry, coastal forests from Mexico to Ecuador.

Since the time of the Inca, the power of the Palo Santo tree has been respected by South American civilizations and employed trough traditional healing rituals. When burned as incense, the dried fallen wood of theses trees emit a white fragrant smoke which is used to ward off evil &  purify the spirit of "mala energía" ( bad energy ).

Our Palo Santo is wild harvested from a small farm within Ecuador that is committed to reforestation efforts, community involvement and sustainable practices. In the past 4 years, they’ve planted over 15,000 Palo Santo trees, and in 2023 they aim to plant over 4,000 native species within the local dry tropical forests from which Palo Santo comes from.

The use of Palo Santo is an ancestral healing art, with roots in South American wisdom. Please use our products mindfully and with respect for the land and people where it originates.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability 

MIZU has been focused on creating sustainable and ethical products since 2014. We source our raw plant oils from partner-farms and distributors from around the world, and emphasizes the importance of reusable, recyclable plastic-free packaging. 

We’ve noticed a lot of customers purchasing our best-selling Palo Santo Oils many times over the course of a year --  in effort to cut down on landfill waste, we are now offering a refillable option. 

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