Questions and interview by author, Shastri Akella 


He / Him

A respect for nature has been instilled into me from a very young age... With avid hikers as parents, and a grandmother whose green thumb knew no rival, I grew up finding joy out in nature, and feeling deeply connected to the beauty of the earth. 

As I got older, I began to face mental health challenges, including anxiety, depression and disordered eating.  It felt like my mind was always racing and on-edge. It was during this time that I began to feel pulled back into nature. I went for hikes and began to explore the land around me… This time outside had a way of calming my racing mind. It gave me the space to slow down, and appreciate the present moment.   

Later in life, I entered into the world of aromatherapy….where nature and psychology collide. 
I discovered the link between scent and mood —  how fragrance can be used to improve our wellbeing. 

I began to experience the world around me on a new level – Teaching myself how to become conscious of scents, and how they weave into our lives without us taking notice... As my curiosity deepened, I started to collect aromatic extracts from around the world,  with a desire to create fragrances inspired by nature and its balancing effect on the mind. 

 In 2013, I launched my debut fragrance – Palo Santo, known for its calming and purifying properties. Since then, I’ve launched dozens of new fragrances and collaborations – all with the same purpose:To provide you with  rituals of joy & to help you find ways to restore harmony within.


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