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Since our start, we have been leading the way in sustainable perfumery; 
From how we select our raw materials to how they're packaged and shipped - We are constantly thinking of how to create better, for you and the planet.

Designed for re-use

When it comes to packaging: we have one thing in mind — Can this be used again? 

We believe the key to a sustainable future is repurposing over recycling. Our designs are made from heritage glass and reclaimed objects to provide and unique experience that serves a purpose beyond the life of a candle or perfume. 

Even better — consider our Refill Program and give your vessel a second life

Sustainable Formulas

Not all natural formulas are created equally — Just because something is natural, doesn’t mean it’s inherently sustainable. We develop formulas with direct ties to our material suppliers to ensure sustainably around sourcing and harvesting of botanicals. You can learn more about our material selection in our Sustainablity Index 

Our formulas are cruelty free and 100% natural, made without any aroma chemicals, natural isolates, additives, dyes, or phthalates.

Further, all of our formulas are made using a minimum of 80% USDA Certified Organic materials.

FSC Certified Packaging

You may be surprised how much plastic is hiding in your packaging. Why is that bad? Because it often means it is no longer recyclable. 

We’re proud to designed packaging that is not only free of plastic laminations / gloss, but created from FSC Certified paper stocks, which ensures the sustainable and ethical management of forests that create our paper packaging. 

Direct Farm Partnerships

Whenever possible, we work directly with the farmers who produce our raw materials and oils. This helps us empower their growth and sustainability commitments, while also giving them higher wages by cutting out the middlemen of distribution.

Are you an organic farm producing essential oils or extracts?

Send us a message - we'd love to support you!

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