It started with a bow tie — Founded in 2012, originally as a fashion brand, MIZU.
In 2023, we've updated our name to M.Hainey, but our guiding vales have remained the same. To create unique, thoughtful pieces that reflect your true being. We are deeply inspired by the beauty of nature, and the interconnectedness of us all. We aim to create products that both add joy and value to your life — though thoughtful, considered design with a focus on top-quality and sustainable practices. 

2012 -  MIZU began selling bow ties on the streets of Portland Maine, crafted from old dresses and up-cycled clothing. 

2013 - Founder Mason Hainey dropped out of college and went full-time with MIZU. 

2014 - We launched our signature candle fragrance, Palo Santo, known for its calming and purifying properties.

2015 - Showed collections at Mark Twain House and Hartford Fashion Week. 

2016- Moved operations to Brooklyn, NY, and developed our first perfume line inspired by the Chakra systems, and their relationship to scent. These formulas are unreleased.

2016 - We launched our debut perfume oil, Palo Santo, after much demand for the Palo Santo candle. 

2018 - We moved our studio closer to nature, in a small coastal town in Rhode Island. -- If you’re in the area, request an appointment.  

2020 — Featured in Vogue Paris as “A brand of natural perfume that is revolutionizing the Genre.“

2020 - Collaboration with Scent Trunk on Beeswax perfume. 

2021 — We opened up our studio for corporate collaborations, including remote team gifting and corporate events.  

2022 - Collaboration with Rose Road Japan, creating Floral Delusion, a perfume inspired by Japanese Folklore. 

2023 – We launched our contemporary line, M.Hainey, a lifestyle brand with a focus on highest quality of materials and craft.