Mindfully Made.

Since 2012, MIZU has been handcrafting natural fragrances inspired by a love of Nature, Ancient Wisdom and Modern Design. 
We believe in premium, natural ingredients and sustainable practices; creating luxury products to feel good about. 
We honor Craftsmanship, believing in the soulful nature of the hand and the character they give each design.  
We create with Respect for Earth, responsibly handcrafting every piece with care for the process and ingredients we select. 

MIZU designs experiences to reconnect us to the natural world.
Mindfully crafted to create an atmosphere that awakens the senses. 
Designed with love, curiosity and a contemporary, naturalist eye. 
MIZU operates out of an independent design studio located in Coventry, Rhode Island. 


About the Founder,  Mason Hainey


When I was in college, I had a professor who assigned me a project around the question “ What do you collect? “ I remember my answer was clear - Memories. Small moments in time that were lived in full. Experiences where all the senses were ignited; recalled with extreme clarity, and emotions as vivid as the day I first lived them.  At 19, I was unaware, but this question so clearly defined both how I design and experience the world. 
MIZU is the Japanese word for water - a memory of the first word I learned while living with a Japanese host family in my teenage years. This was a trip of a lifetime that opened my eyes to new cultures and ways of living beyond my comprehension.  The clean, minimal design fixed with a dose of honest ‘wabi-sabi’ beauty has been forever imparted into my aesthetic. To this day, I cannot say the word ‘mizu’ without thinking of my time time spent living abroad.
Memories are like a box of small, indescribable treasures, culminating into one large feeling. The smell of the cool air in spring , the feel of your ragged cotton sweater, the sense you feel in the air feels right before it rains. These small, often overlooked moments of honest beauty are what inspire me. My designs deconstruct these memories, creating an atmosphere of the senses. See. Smell. Feel. Evoking the emotions, reminding you of something wonderful, something authentic and carrying them into this present moment. 
I view my job to not only create beautiful things, but to provide a sense of harmony within your life; To design products that open your mind and encourage a more mindful way of viewing the world. 
I want you to see the moments.