Luxury without exclusion 

Wellness without judgement 

Natural without greed

Founded in 2012, M.Hainey got it's start in menswear; selling bowties on the streets made of upcyled silks and vintage fabrics.

The journey to fragrance was an unexpected one, resulting from the curious itch to expand our fashion collection to include “scent” as a way of self expression.  In 2013 we launched our first line of candles, including our now signature all-natural Palo Santo fragrance. From here we expanded further into botanical perfumes, designed to elevate our sense of home, beauty and connection to nature. 

In 2023, we’ve grown our brand to launch M.HAINEY, our new parent company, with collections of perfumes, apparel and storied curiosities that celebrate highest quality of materials and craft. 


Our journey has been one of flow… and evolution. 

The word “MIZU“, the name of our original label ,  means “water" in Japanese… It was first word that our founder learned while living in Japan as a teenager.

We believe It’s a fitting symbol for life —  a reminder to be like water ... resist the urge to force, and find happiness in the flow. 

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mason hainey

Meet our Founder

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SINCE 2012

It all started with a bow tie...

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