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"A brand of natural perfume that is revolutionizing the genre. " - Vogue



  Wondering how to clean your empty candle vessels?  One of our biggest concerns is the lack of access to glass recycling programs across the nation. While glass is a natural, and easily recyclable material, the unfortunate truth is that much of our glass ends up in landfills.  To combat this, ...
Fragrant Origins: Labdanum Resin - From Goats to Pharos

Fragrant Origins: Labdanum Resin - From Goats to Pharos

Mason Hainey
There would be no perfume without labdanum.  That may be a bit dramatic… but in the very least, a large part of the olfactive art would be missing.   Labdanum is one of the oldest known aromatics throughout history. With appearances in the Bible, ancient Egypt, the pharmacy, and even some liquors...
  The over-harvesting of Atlas Cedarwood     Sweet. Dry. Spicy. The fragrance of cedar wood evokes a feeling of  wide open forests, fresh cut wood and damp earth beneath bare feet. In aromatherapy, Cedarwood is often used for calming emotions and give an overall feeling of being grounded. Some ...