Botanical Perfume Oil Discovery Set of 5

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Each discovery set contains 5 sample vials of our all-natural botanical perfume oils, sealed with our signature red wax crest. 

Due to the intimate nature of perfume oils, all sales are final.

Palo Santo:
Ethereal / Sweet / Wood

Plumes of sweet smoke, rising from ethereal woods into the calm open sky.

Spice / Floral / Leather

Wild citrus and dry spice unfold into harmony vermillion florals, mellowed with the depth of aged patchouli and fossilized amber resins.

Citrus / Floral / Wood

Sweet, fresh blossoms of jasmine & violet drift through a grove of sacred woods & citrus.

Floral / Woods / Resin

Lush Osmanthus petals awaken with notes of deep, red cedarwood, perfectly balanced with faded leather accords and exotic resins.

Wild Vetiver:
Earth / Fresh / Light

The lightness of sweet vetiver root, roaming with a whisper of white sage & tonka bean, over a bed of French Oak Moss.

MIZU perfumes are All-Natural, handcrafted from organic, wildcrafted, and sustainably harvested botanical materials.

+ Contains ( x 5 ) 1.5ml glass vials of each botanical fragrance
+ Enough for approximately 7-15 wears, per fragrance
+ Unisex
+ FSC Certified Paper Packaging
+ All-Natural

Made in Rhode Island

Ingredients: USDA-Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, 100% Nautral Fragrance ( Essential oils, Absolutes, Infusions )

All MIZU perfumes are 100% Natural, and blended of over 80% Certified organic botanicals.


100% Natrual

For all

For All-Genders,

For all skin.

We believe in the power of authenticiy, and our formulas are designed to reflect that. Through thoughtfully balanced botanical fragrances that wear WITH your skin, instead of covering up your truth.

Wear what you love.