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Meditation Candle Discovery Set

  • $ 55.00
100% Natural. All-Genders.


Explore the world of our all-natural candles and find the right fragrance to suit your taste.

Choose 3 Fragrances
Pre-selected with our most popular offerings.

Please choose alternative options, if desired.

  • 100% Natural
  • 2 oz / Approx 15 hour ( each )
  • All-Cotton Wick
  • American-grown Soy Wax
  • American-made Glass Vessels



Explore the Fragrances


Cardamom Flower

Cardamom  /  Clove  /  Geranium

The scent of summer fading into autumn.
Notes of soft Ylang blossoms and Egyptian Geranium, studded with
the sultry spices of Cardamom and Nutmeg, spark an atmosphere
of abundant love, creativity and a renewed thirst for life.

Use for: inspiration & joy


Palo Santo

Palo Santo  /  Vetiver  /  Vanilla

Like a plume of fragrant white smoke, notes of pure Palo Santo, accented
with a smokey Vetiver and soft, sweet spices, entwine your being
in a weightless cloud of calm.

use for:  spiritual cleansing & peace


Desert Juniper

Juniper berry  / Cedar  /  Laurel Leaf

The scent of desert winds, weaving through wood and stone.
Clean, fresh notes of Juniper Berry and Bergamot, seep into the dry woods of desert Cedar, as a verdant, sweet aroma of Laurel Leaf, breathes new life into your personal oasis.

use for: energetic protection & refresh



Cypress  / Hinoki  /  Grapefruit

The scent of fresh mountain air.
Note of Japanese Cypress and dry Cedar, washed clean in a bath of
sparkling Pink Grapefruit, create an atmosphere of clarity and tranquility.

use for:  clarity & awareness


Lavender Pine

Lavender  /  Mint  /  Scotch pine

The scent of the forest at night.
Notes of Wild Lavender, bloom under a canopy of towering Pine, as a gust
of cool Mint transcends this fragrance into an atmosphere of calm.

use for:  calm  &  healing

Vetiver Smoke

Vetiver  /  Clove  /  Patchouli

The scent of fresh earth, cradling a glowing ember...
Notes of  smokey Vetiver find harmony with the grace of a powdery, aged Patchouli… as a single smoldering Clove adds a layer of warmth and comfort
to this grounding aroma.  

use for: grounding & centering

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