MIZU brand perfumes are 100% Natural. 

Hand-blended in micro batches using only sustainably-sourced botanical ingredients. We work closely with our suppliers and pay a premium to ensure the farms we supply from are not only harvesting with respect for the earth, but producing top-quality aromas. 

MIZU Brand perfumes are the result of years of development to achieve something that evokes emotion and allures the soul. Complex, layered and truly unique. Apply to your pulse points, to shroud your being in an aura of gentle fragrance. 

All of our fragrances are designed to be close-range perfumes, like the lingering scent carried in a spring breeze. They will not overpower you or those who you keep close. MIZU brand fragrances are intimate, gentle and marry with your individual body chemistry to become something completely unique to you. 

Natural Perfumes Evolve. 
Unlike synthetic fragrances, Natural Perfumes unfold over a period a few hours, opening into new unexpected realms of fragrance. The aroma you smell at first application is not what you will experience after 30 minutes. 

The Fragrance of Nature. 
Natural perfumes are meant to smell natural - mimicking the sacred aromas of nature. Our perfumes are inspired by those rare, fleeting moments of life. From the fragrance of a breeze caught in a sweet summer meadow, to witnessing the sacred aroma of a Shinto Shrine, deep within the Japanese forest.  Each experience, Distilled into a bottle to allow you to return to these beautiful moments. 

FREE FROM all aldehydes, pthalates, artificial preservatives &  synthetic solvents. 
Nothing but pure botanical ingredients, sustainable & mindfully harvested,  made with love. 

MIZU brand perfumers are made from pure botanical ingredients. As always, please consult your doctor of dermatologist if you are pregnant, nursing or have any concerns over allergies.

If you have any concerns over ingredients, please contact us and were are more than happy to help.