MIZU Awareness Tool

How did you make yourself proud today?

To my lonely / exhausted friends;
Last year, I posted about my struggles with burnout and self-love. I ended the year feeling more alone and broken than ever. After that post, many of you reached out and shared similar stories with me.

So… I’m trying something new.

I’ll be occasionally sharing prompts, questions and thoughts that I’ve developed to help get to know myself in this stage of life, and fall in love with the person I see in the mirror.

If you’re feeling “off” and aren’t quite sure why ( like I was ) I hope that these provide some value. Some will be short, some are longer, but they require effort. ( Take 5 minutes - 1 hour for each. You are worth it ).

Here’s an easy, short prompt to start.
How did you make yourself proud today?
My Advice:
+ Find a quiet time of day.
+ Remove all electronics / distractions from sight.
+ Light a candle; Scent can provide a lifeline back to center, when you get distracted.
+ Sit down, either early in the morning or at night, and reflect. Ruminate. Push through distractions. Do the work.

Take care in 2021, I’m here with you.