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For the Modern Naturalist

They love: long walks in the forest, the sound of rain and a good bonfire.  Someone who finds beauty in the nature around them. 


Wild Vetiver Eau de Parfum - The scent of Windswept Meadows

Beloved by all-genders, this fragrance captures the moment of sweet wildflowers and long grasses, swaying in the cool afternoon air of later summer. 

Eau de Parfum Discovery Set - Give them an adventure

Our fragrances are like portals into 5 unique worlds. Allow them to experience them all and choose which story they want to wear. Each set of 5 samples includes a 15 % Off Voucher towards a full-size Purchase. 

Black Tourmaline Candle - “ It’s like a tree on fire” 

Uniquely grounding and comforting, this fragrance captures the scent of a sweet campfire, somewhere during the dusk hours in the northern mountains. 

Palo Santo Perfumed Hair Oil - Nourish your hair ( or beard ) 

Looking for a way to tame those frizzy fly-aways or perhaps they’re just not a fan of modern shampoo. Allow our organic Hair Oils to help nourish and repair your split ends with adding the pleasure of a gentle all-natural fragrance that stays with you all day. 


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For the Vintage Romantic

They love: Old libraries, estate sales and heirloom designer sweaters. A master of reinventing classic styles.


Monarch Perfume Oil or Hair Oil - Victorian Florals meets Dusty bookshelves.

Originally designed to capture the scent of an antique library, this fragrance is one of our most popular ( and my current personal favorite ). Notes of Dusty spice, Wild Orange, Carnation  Beeswax and Antique Leathers ( Vegan ).

Cardamom Flower Candle- Sensual, Inviting, Elevated

A candle the creates instant ambiance with notes of Ylang, Nutmeg and Cardamom spice. Works beautifully with the mood lighting we know they probably have.

Japanese Silk Eye Mask - Created from Vintage Japanese Silk

 There is nothing as extradorinaiy as the quality of Japanese Silks - from the intricate prints to the quality of the weave. Any vintage-lover will appreciate for this alone ( plus they’re quite comfy for sleep, travel or meditation ). 

Vetiver Smoke Candle - An ode to vintage luxury

An earthly-sweet aroma with a primary note of aged Patchouli; an aromatic once used to scent luxury cashmeres and silks during the Victorian era. This is not your hippie’s patchouli fragrance.

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For the Intuitive Introvert

They love:  Their meditation practice, zen poetry and a good tarot card reading. Someone who is intuitively connected to the world around them. 


Moonflower Perfume Oil - The scent of clairvoyance 

A ethereal, cool-green citrus that bursts into a bouquet of frosted jasmine and creamy, sweet sandalwood. To us, this scent embodies the magic hour between night and morning. ( Plus, it’s a Bestseller, so they’re likley to enjoy ) 

 Palo Santo Candle - Enhance their mindfulness practice

Scented with sustainable-source Palo Santo essential oils, this candle creates a soothing, calming atmosphere to allow deeper meditations. Our bestselling product. 

Palo Santo Eau de Parfum - Meditation, on the go. 

For the mystic entering into a busier chapter of life, allow them to create a moment of internal reflection with the help of Palo Santo; our signature fragrance, now available in Eau de Parfum. 

Perfumed Hair Oil Discovery Set - Nourish your hair 

Get your signature, effortless hairstyle with  and the added pleasure of a gentle aura of natural perfume. Sample all 3 or choose a full size bottle. Going all-natural doesn’t mean compromising.

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For the Workaholic

They love: Getting up early, black coffee and a sticking to a good routine. Someone who needs help creating a little more calm. 


Baltic Amber Candle - For increased Focus & Energy

Notes of Japanese mint and clove bud  help Invogorate the body, while Sweet Basil and patchouli provided grounded focus. Speficifally designed to aid in activating the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

  Palo Santo Room Mist / Roll On - Calm down before your big meeting.

A therapeutic aid to help calm any nerves before your presentation or after a long day.  

Desert Juniper Candle - Create your own Oasis

Soothing, yet gentle notes of Sweet Juniper Berries and Aged Virgina Cedar. Our candles are perfect for the home-office setting, often described as “Wrong enough with out being overpowering” 

Botanical Perfume Discovery Set - Save them time

Chances are, they need a new fragrance and they aren’t going to make the time to go to a store and sample them. Let us help - Send them this discovery set of 5 samples and a we’ll include a 15% Off Voucher towards their purchase of a full-size bottle.  

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Still need help ? 

Try Our Discovery Sets

They’re one of our most popular options, and gives anyone the chance to sample and select whichever aroma they love most. 

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