MIZU is now M.Hainey 

A letter from founder, Mason Hainey

I started this business as a 19 year old college student; selling bow-ties on the streets of Portland, Maine. 

At the time, I was unaware of the importance of trademarks, and how critical they are to allow your business to grow.  Over the past 7 years, we’ve been trying to secure our rights to the name, MIZU, but have failed at every course. 

But that’s OK ! 
We’ve evolved since we first started in 2012, and so have you. 

MIZU is now M.Hainey 
All of our formulas, all-natural ingredients and core mission of sustainability and quality, are staying the same. 

Over the next year, you will see two changes: 

  • MIZU by M.Hainey is here to stay — all of the products you know and love, will continue to be produced. All of our formulas, ingredients, and quality will remain unchanged. 

  • M.Hainey is born — We are now offering an elevated look into a new chapter for mindful living.  New botanical fragrances, limited edition designs + collaborations,  and a curated shop of soulful curiosities will be available directly on this website. 


The last 11 years have been an incredible journey — one that I could not do without you. Thank you for your support, for sharing with your friends, and for being mine. 

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