MIZU x Rose Road Japan


Meet Our Collaborator,


Rose Road is a Japanese company and distributor of premium quality Rose oils and raw materials.  We partnered with Rose Road to create this collaborative perfume, Floral Delusion, inspired by the Japanese Folktale, Kitsune Wedding… A story of curiosity, shape-shifting foxes and seeing the unseen. With Rose Road's premium oils, MIZU designed this perfume as a bridge between worlds 

An interview with Founder, Miyoko Yajima


MIZU: I met Miyoko through Instagram, during the height of the pandemic. We became fast friends and bonded over a love of natural materials and wonders they hold. Together we've partnered on this special project, a perfume using her exquisite Rose oils, inspired by Japanese Folklore, and designed by MIZU. We call this; FLORAL DELUSION.


In 1997, I met aromatherapy with a person I admired and respected. 
She taught me everything she knew. For me, experiencing natural fragrances was a time of self-care;  to love myself and to enhance my humanity.
Rose was the scent that my master loved the most. Unfortunately, She has passed away in 2005.
In 2018 I became frustrated and burnout in the IT industry and decided to work on the last project of my career. I felt a calling to return to my aromatherapy to give back to the world what I had been taught.

Why I started Rose Road

None of the rose essential oils resonated with me on the market. The fact that I never encountered a real rose is what prompted me to begin my research. By visiting the three major rose-producing regions, I learned many truths that were not written in books.
The scent of the Turkish rose spoke to me. That magical experience pushed me forward.
Learning the technique of perfumery also gave me an insight into the circumstances.
In my view, preserving the beauty of natural fragrances is the same thing as protecting the global environment. 

An Education In the Fields

The Moroccan rose is a mystical fragrance that acts on the subtle body, the Turkish rose is a rose of passion. Growing as incarnations of the gods, the rose is a plant that grows with their love.
The fragrance depends on the natural environment and craftsmanship. It is just like wine. In my visits to many farms, I’ve also learned that plants that grow in an organic environment are influenced by the surrounding plants and soil.
Finally, I would not be doing this work if I did not have good relationships with local people. I respect that it was all the people that led me to this work.

The Birth of Venus

After seeing the exhibit, Birth of Venus at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence in 2019, I was led to visit her mythic birthplace of Cyprus. 
I saw that the Venus of Greek mythology was born in a high-energy place where the heavens and the sea are connected in a road of blue. The blue sky and sea, connecting us all. All the colors of blue guided the path of Rose. That is why I chose blue to be the brand color of Rose Road.
Even when it comes to fragrance, it's alive.
Because fragrance is invisible, the invisible background is very important.

Hope the Rose reaches you and helps you with your Rose Road.

Rose is love.

- Miyoko 


Learn more about ROSE ROAD, here

Minimally translated / edited for clarity, M.Hainey