Perfume Oil vs Eau de Parfum;
What’s right for you?

One question we get all the time: 
What’s the different between Perfume Oil and Eau de Parfum? 

Did you know that Perfume Oils will both WEAR and SMELL differently than Eau de Parfums. 

The difference comes from two things: The base material ( Oil vs alcohol ) and how our skin interacts with them ( Our skin chemistry + environmental factors ).

Perfume Oils vs Eau de Parfum -  
How do they
wear Differently? 

Our Perfume Oils are based in an Organic Jojoba Oil, with a  perfume concentration between 20 - 25%. We chose ( and love ) jojoba because it is so easily absorbed into our skin- providing both enrichment of vitamins, and helps hydrate to keep our skin healthy.  

Our 100% Natural Perfume Oils will generally: 

  • Wear longer
  • Be more gentle, personal scents  ( lower silage ) 
  • Hydrating / nourishing to skin 

Our Eau de Parfums ( “ EDPs” )  are based Organic Cane Alcohol, which we love for its ease of use and clean feeling. EDP’s also allow us to spray directly onto hair and clothes, which will provide an easier,  longer-lasting wear. Our EDP’s have a  perfume concentration of 20-22%. 

Our 100% Natural EDP’s will generally: 

  • Be more potent 
  • Have higher silage
  • May not last as long as perfume oils 
  • Able to spray directly onto clothes / hair for longer lasting wear. 

Perfume Oils vs Eau de Parfum -
How do they
smell Different? 

Perfume Oils

Perfume Oils tend to smell sweeter, more “round”, as the oil-base will reduce some of the more vibrant and bright top notes ( like citrus or spices ) that you may encounter in other perfumes. 

Eau de Parfums: 

Our organic alcohol in these perfumes acts like a giant exclamation mark ( ! ) and gives a burst of fresh scent upon first application. EDP’s tend to read much more bright, fresh and lively than our perfume oil counterparts. They also offer a higher silage ( or scent-trail ), but will often times not last quite as long as our perfume oils. 

What’s right for you?

At the end of the day: we’re really splitting hairs here when it comes to the differences scent. If you like our Palo Santo as an oil, you’ll most likely love it in EDP or Hair Oil  form as well. 

The core question will be — how do you prefer to wear this? 
Do you like the ritual of applying via oil? 
Or do you like a more easy and clean wear? Do you want others to smell you? Or are you wearing this mostly for your own enjoyment? 

Still unsure?
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