LIMITED - Citronella Bloom Essential Oil Candle

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Citronella /  Geranium  / Bergamot

Our seasonal-bestseller is back, for a limited time. Only 18 made, each signed & numbered. 
Last year this candle sold out in 22 hours. 


The scent of Summer Winds 

Starting with a rosy-sweet Citronella harvested from the island of Java, we layered notes of honeyed sweet Woods, Geranium and soft French Lavender, all bathed in an emerald ocean of Bergamot citrus. 

Best of all; this candle is designed with materials that are know to be a natural insect repellant. Burn at your next patio gathering. 


Only 18 made 

  • 100% Natural
  • Scented exclusively with essential oils
  • 8 oz  /  50 hr
  • Vegan
  • USA Made Glass Vessel
  • Hand-poured in Rhode Island




MIZU candles are designed to be like a fragrant breeze. Often described as “strong enough but not overpowering”, our 100% natural, true-to-nature aromas linger in the air.  Inspired by the natural world & embodying moments in time.



100% Natural American-Grown Soy Wax,  Essential Oils, 100% Cotton Wick. All of our glassware is made domestically in the United States.


8 oz / up to 50 hours of burn time



SINCE 2012

Artisan Made

What sets artisan quality candles apart? Quality.
From the all-natural waxes we use, to how our botanical fragrances are grown and harvested - We care about what goes in making our designs; because we know you do too.

100% Natural

Botanical Candles

Crafted from nature, our candles are made from simple, trusted igredients;
Pure essential oils, organic exctacts and plant waxes.

This creates a gentle, peaceful aroma to reconnects us with the beauty of the nature.


Our candles are free from:

  • All synthetic aroma-chemicals
  • Isolates
  • synthetic phthalates and parabens