Palo Santo Meditation Mist

  • $ 22.00


Mysterious, woody and calming.
Experience the scent of sacred Palo Santo wood, enriched with accents of cinnamon leaf, smokey vetiver and a touch of sweet Madagascar Vanilla.

Scented exclusively with pure essential oils, this all-natural fragrance is designed to shroud your space in a mist of mindful calm, simulating the experience of a cleansing Palo Santo smudge.


  • Net Weight: 2 fl oz 
  • All Natural 
  • Scented Exclusively with pure, Aromatherapy-Grade Essential Oils. 
  • Amber Glass Bottle

Spray upwards, away from face.

Use this blend of oils to purify & uplift mind, body and home.
Also try this spray on your Yoga Mat to compliment your practice.

    Purified Aqua, Pure Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils Of : Palo Santo ( Bursera Graveolens ), Vetiver ( Vetiveria Zizanoides ), Cinnamon Leaf ( Cinnamomum zeylanicum ), Vanilla ( Vanilla Planifolia ) ; Polysorbate 20 ( a natural emulsifier derived from sugar )


    Due to shipping restrictions, this product is only available within the United States at this time. 


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