Perfumed Bath Salt

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In response to the COVID-19 containment efforts, many of us are feeling a sense of isolation and anxiety.

Since the dawn of man, Scent has been used as a tool to shift our mindset, uplift energy tease out happy memories. It's power is unmatched by any of our other senses. It excites us, uplifts and calls us to the present, and soothes fear.

As a perfumer, I wanted to help you in some way.... using my skills and resources to create something that would help give you a moment of escape and calm...


So, this is my gift to you, a brief escape into a pool of calm waters.


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Calm: Neroli, Lavender, Blood Orange

Restore: Cedar, Cypress, Sandalwood, Pine


 Perfumed Himalayan Bath Salt

  • Ingredients:   Himalayan Pink Salt + Essential Oils
  • net weight: 2 oz
  • 100% Natural



Pour entire contents of package into warm, running water.




100% Natrual

For all

For All-Genders,

For all skin.

We believe in the power of authenticiy, and our formulas are designed to reflect that. Through thoughtfully balanced botanical fragrances that wear WITH your skin, instead of covering up your truth.

Wear what you love.