Set of 20 Custom Wedding Candle Favors

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Surprise your guests with a personalized wedding favor that you know they will enjoy long after your special day. 

NEW! You can now Personalize any of our 9 best-selling fragrances with a custom-made label to commemorate your union. 

FAST: Ready to ship within 7-10 business days! 

Made with 100% Natural, American grown soy each candle emits a gentle aura of designer fragrance; nothing overpowering but a comforting atmosphere of scent that slowly envelops you in a fragrant aura. 

Tip! Our candle tins look wonderful when used as a place setting ( and work great as conversation-starters! ) Looking for larger sizes as centerpieces? Contact us for more information on pricing and availability! 


  •  2oz ( each ) 
  • Approximate 14 hour burn time ( each )
  • All Natural Soy Wax
  • 100% Cotton Wick
  • Measures: 1.5" x 2"



Palo Santo  ( Argentina ):   Mysterious and Calming. 
 * Customer Favorite *
The unique scent of Palo Santo wood, enriched with smokey vetiver, cinnamon leaf  and a touch of Madagascar Vanilla.
Scented exclusively with essential oils. 

Juniper + Sage ( Iceland ): Crisp and woody
Notes juniper berry blend with the floral-earthy oils of Clary sage and cool spearmint to create a scent inspired by Iceland’s rare forests.  
Scented exclusively with essential oils. 

Fig + Olive ( Greece ): Warm and Sunny 
Notes of sun kissed figs, fresh squeeze olives and a touch of patchouli evoke a sense of a gentle Mediterranean  breeze. 

Mountain Bamboo ( Japan ): Fresh and Cool
The calming fragrance lavender essential oils, ease into  softened notes  clean bamboo and green tea.  

Oakmoss + Cedar ( Norway ):  Earthy and Sweet
Rich oils of Oak moss and Himalayan Cedarwood deepen with the perfect balance of musk and vanilla, reminiscent of mid-autumn hikes. 

Lemongrass + Jasmine  ( Thailand ) : Bright and Uplifting
Essential oils of lemongrass blended with jasmine and rose bring the perfect balance of mental alertness and calm with this unique floral/herbal fragrance

Blackberry + Pine ( Germany ) : Coniferous and Sweet
Like walking through pine forests in the heat of summer, this fragrance combines the rich notes of pine, sweetened with freshly ripened blackberries & musk. 

Gardenia and Peony (England ): Dewy Floral 
Notes of Gardenia, Peony and Rose create a cool, watery floral fragrance inspired by early morning strolls through dewy spring gardens.

Tangerine + Cypress ( France ): Sophisticated Citrus 
The feeling of a windswept beach. Bright top notes of  clary sage and tangerine find softness with subtle notes of French cypress bark & lily of the valley flowers.

100% Natural

Crafted from nature, our fragrances are made from simple, trusted igredients; Pure essential oils, botanical extracts and organic carriers. 

This creates a gentle, peaceful aroma to reconnects us with the beauty of the nature. 


Our perfumes are free from:

  • All synthetic aroma-chemicals
  • natural / synthetic Isolates
  • synthetic phthalates and parabens

For All Genders

For all skin. 

We believe in the power of authenticiy, and our formulas are designed to reflect that. Through thoughtfully balanced botanical fragrances that wear WITH your skin, instead of covering up your truth. 

Wear what you love.