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REAL SCENTS: Interviews with Community 

Here at MIZU, we are inspired by those who live their life with fearless authenticity, and we aim to create fragrances to accompany you on that journey.  

In this new campaign we've partnered with some of our favorite community members to explore how they walk this earth, and the unique experiences that are currently shaping their path.  


Shannon ;

Shannon is one of the wisest and most soulful people I have ever come across. Her connection to spirit and the present is magnetic and aspirational. We first met many years ago, first as a customer of mine, but we have quickly become fast friends. She lives surrounded by the sea, in the beautiful oasis of Hawaii.


Tell us about yourself - What does your daily life look like?

I’m currently in a transition period after my 24 year career in academia came to an abrupt halt.  Despite moments of anxiousness about the loss of steady income and all that comes with that, I am finding this “gray” period to be quite eye-opening, inspiring, and full of potentiality.  I am using this time to deeply connect with myself as I flow through this uncharted territory. 

A typical day starts off with qi gong, sipping tea, and then sitting at my computer and breathing life into two projects -- one is an “oracle” deck, and the other is a service that I plan to offer as soon as I flesh out the details.  The creation of the deck is also bringing me back to nature/the outdoors through nature photography.  Once a week I’m a production assistant at a local boutique where I get to satisfy my love of fabric and sewing – bonus:  the owner of the boutique also opened up a matcha shop in the same location.  Double bonus:  it is one of my happy places because the people I “work” with genuinely want the best for each other.  

MIZU Community Interviews: Shannon Hirose Wong
Favorite scent memory?

I have so many scent memories, but MIZU products rekindle two in particular: 
1.  Avon solid kids perfume that came in the cutest vessels (pins, chapstick like containers, and a “watch.”) that my sister and I would receive as gifts from our Auntie.  MIZU’s Palo Santo solid perfume is the elevated, adult version of my childhood memory of Avon solid kids perfume. 

2.  MIZU’s Moonstone Mood Mist brings back memories of my grandmother.  She used a Japanese bath powder/mineral called Beta Bath.  It had a distinct citrus (synthetic citrus) sort of scent that was very Japanese.  I loved bathing with her as child because I loved the smell of Beta Bath and how the bright orange powder/mineral would turn fluorescent green when it was in water (that now horrifies me!).  I was shocked when I first smelled MIZU Moonstone Mood Mist – it captures that smell of Beta Bath with natural ingredients!  It instantly takes me back to being with my grandmother and relaxing/having fun with her.  


MIZU Community Interviews: Shannon Hirose Wong
What grounds you? ( A person / activity / sensation ) 

Things that ground me:  Connecting deeply with myself, and in turn, all there is; daily qi gong; being in nature; different aromas at different times ; my husband – to me, he is magic in human form and the personification of love.  


You can go anywhere in the world - Where to?

I don’t have a burning desire to go anywhere, but if given the opportunity, I think I’d to go to Japan because of my love of tea, incense, ceramics, fabric, and delicious food (not just Japanese food).  I’d also love to visit different onsen (natural hot springs), temples, little towns/rural areas, and the area of Japan where my ancestors are from. 


What inspires you? What are you passionate about?

I am inspired by the frequency of love and joy, and people/things that emanate those frequencies.  I am inspired by nature, by personal growth from my own mistakes/difficulties, and by people who are brave enough to be vulnerable, honor themselves, and live from their heart.  

I am passionate about the journey back to ourselves, and the collective healing and awakening.


MIZU Community Interviews: Shannon Hirose Wong
How do you like to use MIZU fragrances in your home or life?

I adore MIZU fragrances and have a collection of MIZU creations.  Whether it’s perfume, hair oil, candles, or mood mists ( I still have a few ), I use whatever scent I’m drawn to in the moment.  I notice that MIZU perfume often speaks to me seasonally.  In general, I find myself attracted to Moonflower in the spring, Wild Vetiver in the summer, and Monarch in fall/winter.  Temple seems to grab me at random times, but mostly early fall and early spring.  

It’s funny.  I’m not a candle person ( I’m an incense person ), but I love the scent of MIZU candles.  However, rather than burn MIZU candles, I grab whatever scent I’m drawn to in the moment, remove the lid, and keep the open jar in my workspace or room.  The scent from the candle gently catches the air with just the right amount of aroma similar to the scent of flowers drifting on an evening breeze.  Currently, Desert Juniper has been keeping me company beside my laptop.  

One of my favorite MIZU products is the Monarch scented natural hair oil.  It gives my hair just the right touch of “slick” – not overdone synthetic slippery slick, but just enough to lightly smooth and soften my hair (and split ends).  The bonus is the scent that lingers gently in my hair ( Monarch is my favorite MIZU perfume. )


I have this theory that our favorite flower says a lot about us.
What is your favorite Flower?


Ah, I love flowers.  How does one pick a favorite flower out of the wonderful array that exist?  Although I'm drawn to different flowers at different times, at this moment I'm captivated by wildflowers.  I know this is just a category of flowers, and some think of wildflowers as weeds.  For me, though, seeing wildflowers in the "wild," be it open land, abandoned spaces, or unexpected places like a crack in concrete, stirs frequencies of freedom, joy, abundance, comfort, wonder, playfulness, strength, and healing within in me. 




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