Befriend a Tree: A Guided Meditation

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The Taoist Masters observed that trees are tremendously powerful. Not only can they absorb carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen, but they can also absorb negative forces and transform them into positive energy.


A guided meditation for releasing negative energy: 


Trees are considered the most spiritually advanced plant on Earth because of their constant meditation with subtle energy.


1 Begin by finding a large tree that you feel drawn to - It can be in a park, forest, or wherever you frequent. 


2 Give them a gentle bow, a hello, and approach. 


3 Place both palms on the trunk of the tree. Closing your eyes, and begin to take 3 deep breaths...Exhale 3 seconds...inhale 3 seconds...


4 As you exhale, allow yourself to feel the negative emotions you wish to release.  Visualize this energy flowing through your left palm and into the trunk of the tree. Allow the tree to absorb this negativity and transform it into nourishment.  


 Tip:  Welcome the negative emotions without thought or force. It may help to pause and ask yourself - What is bothering me? Allow yourself to feel the uncomfortable emotions - "I feel overwhelmed." " I feel unseen." " I feel disconnected."  Allow these thoughts or feelings to appear -- and gently visualize a river flowing from your center, out to your left hand, and into the tree. 


As you inhale, focus your energy on the right palm, and feel the energy your wish to receive from the tree. 


6 Trees are sources of great strength, longevity, community, and adaptability. It may help to observe the tree you are meditating with -- what is their environment? What wisdom can they offer you?


7 Repeat this practice for 3-5 breaths, but be careful not to exert or absorb too much energy in this process. 


 When you are ready, slowly focus your energy back on yourself, and open your eyes. Give the tree a kind "Thank You", and continue on your path. 


Ancient spiritual teachings tell us that trees are thought to be kind beings and generally welcome human contact. 

Befriend a tree; adopt them - take care of them.  And in return, allow them to take care of you.

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