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How to Cleanse with Palo Santo - MIZU

How to Cleanse with Palo Santo

Mason Hainey
Cleansing your environment with palo santo is much like praying, there really are no rules. There are best practices ( i.e. you should only go clockwise around your house, or you need to cleanse every doorway ) but ultimately this is your ritual -  do what feels right for you.  Some like to do it...
What Is Palo Santo?  From Wood to Essential Oil - MIZU

What Is Palo Santo? From Wood to Essential Oil

Mason Hainey
The Palo Santo essential oil we use is wild harvested in a very unique process; Coming from a native grove in Ecuador, only the wood of fallen branches or remains of dead standing trees are used.  This wood is allowed to age and mature, typically for a minimum of 2 years, in which time the intern...
  Crystal Healing on the Body   To be totally honest, when I was first introduced to the concept of crystal healing, I was skeptical. Stones fixing my emotional wounds and physical ailments..? Yeah.... ?  But as far fetched as this idea seemed, it was still intriguing so I dug into some books and...
  Going as far back as the Sumerians and ancient Mesopotamia, crystals have been used to heal, protect and enlighten. The practice of using crystals has come a long way in the 6,000 years since then but the fundamental principals of crystal healing remains rooted in the ancient Hindu concept of ...