Crystal Healing, The Chakra and Color - Explained

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Crystal Healing on the Body


To be totally honest, when I was first introduced to the concept of crystal healing, I was skeptical. Stones fixing my emotional wounds and physical ailments..? Yeah.... ? 

But as far fetched as this idea seemed, it was still intriguing so I dug into some books and found that there is plenty of science ( real science ) to support this claim.


Here's how it works 


Crystal healing is essentially the exchange of energy on a atomic level. 

Everything in the known universe contains a certain vibration, including crystals.  Depending on color and composition, These vibrations can directly effect both the state of mind and physical body to evoke a certain feeling, emotion, or sensation.

In the most obvious comparison, think of sound. Sound vibration is easily tangible, passing through our ears until the reach the inner cochlea and are transformed by ear hair cells to electrical signals that are sent to the brain.  When these sound waves are combined into strings of melody to create music, the effect on the body can be immediate. Higher pitch vibrations have a tendency to elevate your mood why lower pitches tend to evoke a sense of calming or even sadness. 


Chakras & Color

How does color effect our chakras and why?   


To understand the correlation between chakra and color, we first need to understand how we see. 

Like sound, Color also contains vibration. The human  eye can detect a very small range of the electromagnetic spectrum frequency, from around 380 - 740 nanometers ( from violet to red ), and are seen through the the photo receptor cells within the eyes known as cones and rods.  Once received by our photo receptor cells, these vibrations are transformed into electrical impulses and sent to the brain via the optic nerve. These ‘sensors’ are able to see only red, green, and blue; the primary colors. Every one of the  other 7,000,000 colors that the eye can see are a mixture of red, green, blue and white, black, and grey — and each one of these 7 million colors have their own unique wavelength and  corresponding vibration frequency. 


The Visible Light Spectrum

Color Wavelength (nm ) Frequency ( THz)
Red 625 - 740 400 - 484
Orange 590 - 625 484 - 508
Yellow  565 - 590 508 - 526
Green 520 - 565 526 - 606
Blue 500 - 520 606 - 670
Indigo 435 - 500 670 - 700
Violet 380 - 435 700 - 789



Each one of the seven chakras vibrates at a certain  measurable frequency,  and responds to different wavelengths or vibrations of light ( known as color ).

 Read more on the Chakra's here 


Let’s take the Root chakra; this center has a frequency that vibrates in the  400 - 484. Similarly the color red also vibrates at the same range of frequency as the root chakra. This is where the correlation between color and chakra have originated. 

This is an important tool for us when understanding how to heal, balance and open our chakra centers. 



To further stress the impact of color vibrations on the mind & body,

 It’s a widely accepted fact that color has a direct impact on mood and emotion. It’s a secret that artists have been harnessing for centuries. Red = energy, Yellow = fun, uplifting, happy, etc. And now Color psychology is a huge field that implements these same principals into the scientific world. 

But beyond the visible spectrum of colors the eye can see, there are an vast number more that we cannot see, known as the ultraviolet spectrum. While the vibrations of this light spectrum is undetectable by the human eye, they provide a critical function to the human body; most notably in the ultraviolet light emitted by the sun which triggers the release of vitamin D in the body; ‘ the sunshine vitamin”. Ultraviolet light is now being further explored in the medical field, being used in Ultraviolet Light Therapy to treat forms of skin disorder such as psoriasis and eczema. 




Crystals & Chakras

So why heal with lapis lazuli crystals and not my blue sweater? 

While color does have a large part to do with the effect of crystal healing, so does the vibration of the crystal itself. The shape, the structure, the tiny particles of other minerals formed inside these stones all play into the vibration emitted. 

Crystals and gemstones are powerhouses of ancient energy. Literally formed through thousands of years, their energies are compacted, concentrated and pure. The same cannot be said for a synthetically-dyed, fast-fashion blue sweater. 


Crystals act as a tuning fork. 


Just like any natural vibration or pattern, outside influences can easily have an effect. This can lead to a chakra that is unbalanced, blocked or no longer in harmony with the rest of our chakra system. In short, their vibration is no longer operating as it should.


This is where the vibrations of crystals come into play. 

When placed directly on or near our affected chakra centers for a period of time ( sometimes minutes, sometimes hours- this really depends on how you feel), the vibrations that the crystals emit help to realign and heal the effected chakra; restoring harmony to your system. 


For example, let's say your feeling really drained, with your head in the clouds day dreaming and your just can't seem to focus on any one task. You're also really drawn the color purple for no particular reason. These are all big flashing signs that something is askew in your Third Eye Chakra.  Your third eye vibrates a a high frequency, around 670 - 750 THz ( the same as both purple amethyst and the color purple ). But if there's a blockage or imbalance somewhere, your third eye could be vibrating at a lower or higher frequency and we need something to bering realignment. This is where purple amethyst can help. Having a set vibration in the direct range of optional healthy for our Third Eye Chakra, we can use Amethyst to help sync the vibrations of this chakra back to where it need to be ; acting as a tuning fork. Wearing amethyst jewelry ( particularly necklaces ), sleeping with an amethyst point under your pillow or meditating with amethyst are all ways to help achieve balance. 


If you're really feeling our of sorts... 

The best way to really heal all your chakras is to book  a crystal healing session. During your session a practitioner will place certain stones “ Chakra crystals “  directly over your chakras, drawing out negativity ( often absorbed into darker stones such as black tourmaline ) and working to restore a free-flowing harmony into your system. 



Choosing Your Crystals   


Choosing a stone or crystal to help heal you is a exercise in intuition. If you ever go to a gem shop,  there will be displays and stacks of different stones for you to choose from. When selecting, close your eyes and reach out. Let your intuition literally guide you. You will find yourself drawn to one stone the strongest - this is for a reason. It is your body and spirit’s way of saying this is the stone with the vibration we need. Honor that choice. 

While wearing crystal and gemstone jewelry is the most effective way to harness  balancing/healing vibrations in the day-to-day,  Simply having the crystals near you can  also provide benefits.


If you’re interested in learning more in depth, I’d recommend the book Crystal Power, Crystal Healing by Michael Gienger (  available on Amazon ).  Not only did this appease to logical part of my brain on the science of crystal healing but this book also contains a glossary of stones and their psychical and spiritual properties.

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