• This recipe packs some intense protein that fills you up and tastes great with your morning cup of coffee.  Chia seeds are a staple in my diet. I put them everything - yogurt, stir fry, even roasted with some tempeh. But I started to think- what is chia? Am I eating the same stuff that I used to... View Post
  •   Fresh, light, summery AND only rings in at about 50 calories a piece, this dish is a favorite knock-out dessert at any party. I used fresh fruit that was around in my kitchen but any flavor combination that you like will work.       Here’s what you’ll need-     1 ripe Mango 2 Pears  ... View Post
  •   It’s been a very busy summer full of weddings and custom orders, leaving little time to indulge in my culinary pursuits. But It is officially autumn and I all want to do is be engulfed in a cloud of black cashmere and bake ( but not at the same time )   This week MIZU’s designs are inspire... View Post
  •   When I was living in Chiba, right outside Tokyo, I would frequently visit this small bakery inside the Chiba train station called The Little Mermaid. It was quaint, cute and clean with dozens of fresh baked goods all efficiently lined up in a way very Japanese. In fact, I think it was the fi... View Post
  • I could go on for hours days about how incredible Japan's food is. From the street carts selling gourmet crêpes ( they're everywhere ) to the melon flavored soda ( and anything else you can imagine ) to the green tea ice cream, panda shaped cookies and of course, red bean paste. This nation is in... View Post

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