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Pro Tip # 3 : Burn a Candle, Protect your Woolens - MIZU

Pro Tip # 3 : Burn a Candle, Protect your Woolens


Welcome to #ProTips!, a weekly guide full of hacks, tips and tutorials to get the most out of your wardrobe and lifestyle products. 

Cold weather has arrived and with it, so has cold-weather style ( aka the best style ). It’s time to dig out all the cashmere and wool sweaters and really step up your layering game - because that’s what F/W style is really all about: pairing layers thoughtfully and creatively.. but that’s another #Protip
Take a look at your wardrobe. Do you see little holes? Does it look like someone dropped matches all over you sweater? Yeah, you’ve been hit by a family of moths and they’ve just ruined your favorite sweater. Bastards! How can you stop them from killing your style? 
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Protect your Wardrobe with a candle 
It’s commonly known that cedar is a great protector against moths. Cedar hangers or planks are great to have in you closet to deter a family of moths from moving in. 
But you know else works?  Lavender.
Moths loathe the smell of lavender. Lavender Sachets or Pure Lavender Essential oil,  used in MIZU’s Lavender and Birch Beeswax Candle are a sure way to protect your wardrobe from any new invasions. 
Burn a candle, protect your woolens. 
Bonus ::  Cedar lovers - Check out the Blood Orange and Cedarwood Candle, made with pure essential oils to protect your wardrobe. 
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