How to Repurpose Candle Vessel MIZU

How To Upcycle Empty Candle Jars into Planter  


First, it is important to clean and wash your empty candle jar.

Cleaning takes about 5 minutes. You can view our tutorial here

( Because our candles are 100% natural so they're easy and quick to clean ). 


What you will need:

  • Potting Soil 
  • Seeds or pre-potted plant
  • Gravel / Broken Seashells 


  1. Starting with a cleaned candle vessel, fill the bottom 1-inch with either small loose rocks, gravel or broken seashells.  This creates drainage so your plants don’t become waterlogged and rot.
  2.  Fill the next inch or so with potting soil. 
  3.  For pre-potted plants, Inset your plant, making sure to gently break up any root-ball. Fill in gaps with potting soil. Press down lightly and water well. 
  4. For planting seeds -  Fill the remainder of your vessel with potting soil and sow your seeds as instructed. Water well and set in sunny window. 

We find that plants that require less waterings ( such as orchids or succulents ) do best in these vessels. 

Tip - These vessels also work great for propagating plants such as Pothos. 
Not sure how to propagate? It’s much easier than you may think. 

  1. Take cutting of your plant ( at least 6 inches long with 4 or more leaves )
  2. Remove the leaves closest to where you cut, and place in water. 
  3. Set in an area that gets lots of indirect sunlight. 
  4. After about a month, you will see rootlets being to form, and you can transplant into soil.