The Benefits of Beeswax ( And the Problem with Paraffin )

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MIZU Benefits of beeswax candles


Over the past few years, beeswax products have been increasingly sought after, but what’s so great about beeswax? Well to put it plainly, they purify the air you breathe.

Pretty great, yes? It’s all thanks to the unique qualities of beeswax.


But first let’s talk about paraffin candles and why you need to stop burning them, immediately


Paraffin wax candles are by far the cheapest, most widely available candles on the market. They’re also incredibly toxic and spew poison into the air you breathe. 

Paraffin wax is a by-product of petroleum refining. In its raw state, paraffin is nothing more than the black sludge you find on the bottom of a barrel of crude oil. This toxic sludge is then bleached and treated to form the familiar white wax that many of us have in our homes.


MIZU Benefits of beeswax candles

Raw paraffin wax     ( Image courtesy ) 


So you have some bleached petroleum sludge burning in your kitchen,  what’s the big deal?


When a paraffin candle burns, they release soot. This soot contains 11 confirmed toxins, three of which ( formaldehyde, Toluene and Benzene ) are all carcinogenic- they cause CANCER.

So that lavender scented candle you bought for $10 to boost your mood, is really doing much more harm to you than good. Burning a paraffin candle in the enclosed space of your home is quite literally poisoning the air you breathe.     

MIZU Benefits of beeswax candles

( Image courtesy )

- The difference with Beeswax -


The air you are currently breathing is FULL ( and I mean full ) of particles. On average, a human sheds over 50,000 particles per minute- just when inactive! It pains me to think of the amount of 'stuff ' floating in the air at the gym. Our air is full of hair, skin cells, toxins, dirt, pollen, sand and a other particles at any given moment. These particles all carry a positive charge, which keeps them afloat in the air we are breathing right now. 


That’s where the beeswax can do it’s purifying magic

When burned, the beeswax particles release negative ions. These negatively charged ions attach and neutralize the positively charged particles floating in out air, which then fall to the ground. This ‘ion’ science is the very same that is used in many high end air and water purification systems. 

With the air now more purified, not only are you breathing in far less toxins, but allergens are also cleared. Hundreds of thousands of people swear by beeswax to help them through both seasonal / pet allergies as well as asthma. Beeswax candles are by no means a replacement for your inhaler, but burning a candle for a few hours will knock the irritants out of the air and have you breathing much easier.


MIZU Benefits of beeswax candles


There is a catch though- beeswax candles only help purify the air if they are 100% beeswax. 


In the US, anything can be labeled as ‘pure’ as long as the main ingredient comprises at least 51% of the product. With beeswax prices being so high, many candle manufactures will cut their wax with 49% of a much less expensive paraffin wax to increase their profits. This completely counterbalances the purifying aspect of a beeswax candle, and are now spewing (granted, a much diluted) toxic soot into the air.


Bottom Line:  

When shopping for beeswax candles, make sure they say 100% Beeswax, otherwise you really don’t know what you’re putting into your air. 

All of MIZU’s beeswax candles are made from 100% raw beeswax, made with love from the bees of North Carolina, USA and mixed with a natural blend of pure aromatherapy-grade essential oils from around the world.  


Non-toxic  /  Environmentally Friendly  /  Synthetic Free /  Petroleum Free  / 100% Natural USA Beeswax 



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