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How long can you go without checking your phone? Are you happy with that?  


The average person checks their devices every 6 minutes. 

Distraction is one of the biggest factors that leads to feeling unfulfilled.

We check our phones because we are looking for a way to feel happy — a text, an email, a connection to the outside world. But, each time we look at our phones, we get distracted and these distractions take at an average of 20 seconds for us to re-focus on the task at hand.

This constant cycle of distraction and re-focus not only wastes our time and energy, but can also leaves us feeling burnt out and unaccomplished at the end of the day. Being more mindful of when and how you consume content will lead to greater focus and fulfillment, in all aspects of life.

A Challenge:
For the new week, make a resolution to check your phone only — once and hour— , or at designated times throughout the day. Turn off ‘Push Notifications’ for certain apps, and have conversations with co-workers and friends about when they can expect a response ( I.e. within an hour ).

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