Awareness Tool __ 003

Mind - Body - Soul ;  Separate but Connected.

Nurture these as individual friendships.
When’s the last time you did something just for your soul? Or just for your mind?

Strengthening each of these, as individual parts of ourselves, creates an improved mind-body-soul connection, which in turn, makes us feel more harmonious, more “whole”, and more fully ourselves.

If you’re feeling off, and aren’t quite sure why, it may be because one part of you isn’t feeling fulfilled.
Start by asking yourself these questions;

What can I do for my Mind today?
+ Try something new
+ Read a book
+ Complete a goal

What can I do for my Body today?
+ Rest / exercise
+ Go for a walk outside
+ Stretch

What can I do for my Soul today?
+ Compliment a stranger
+ Meditate
+ Give yourself time to do something you love

Make space for all of yourself.


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